Done-for-You Content Solution for Business Coaches to Help You Reach 6 Figures Faster

  • Are you a business coach looking to streamline your operation?
  • Ready to spend less time on the grunt work of running your business, and more time actually working with clients… or even taking time off?
  • Do you dream of launching amazing digital products like ebooks and courses?
  • Would you like to broaden your reach to help more of the world’s people set goals, solve problems, and create a better life for themselves?

I have an amazing solution for you. It’s the secret weapon of 6-figure coaches who have massive global impact, and you can get it for your business if you want it.

If you’ve never heard of Coach Glue, you’re missing out on one of the best kept marketing secrets of the internet’s top tier of coaching professionals.

Founded by Nicole Dean and Melissa Ingold, Coach Glue is a one-stop coaching content solution and major business shortcut.

Their content comes with private label rights to brand as your own. The quality of their products and coach marketing content will represent you smartly and well.

Find everything you need to launch new coaching products and manage your coaching business online with speed, ease, and professional expertise.

Use Coach Glue’s Content to Get on the Fast Track to a FULL Online Business Education. Then Share it With Your Audience.

One of the really neat things about Coach Glue is that if you’re still relatively new to the industry and wondering about how to market your business, you can use the content they sell to learn as you go and then turn around and teach your clients.

This is actually a brilliant business model. I call it the “pay it forward” coaching model, but I made that up.

To give you an example of what I mean by “pay it forward:” let’s say that your client has asked you how to market their business on Instagram.

You don’t have the first clue how to do this. But you’ve been kind of wondering if Instagram is someplace that you should be showing up with your own coaching packages.

Does Coach Glue have a done for you program to teach newbies what they need to know about advertising on Instagram?

Yes, they do, and there’s a very strong chance that the price point will speak loudly and clearly to your budget. 

In fact, if you’ve never used them for you content before you might just about fall over when you see just how little it costs… and how quickly you can turn around and sell the well-presented knowledge that you purchase.

Let’s go back to that Instagram marketing scenario.

Suppose you pick up the Instagram how-to content package. You read through it and make note of all the excellent advice and good tricks. Then you turn around and offer it to your list and clients. People are buying this value-packed educational series on how to market with Instagram. Why? Because it solves a problem for their business. This info is HOT and ON TREND! 

But wait! It gets better. You have an upsell already in your business coaching back pocket.

The SAME content you taught in your course, that your audience went for, is totally customizable to use in your one-on-one work with business coach clients. In fact, one of your clients wants your help adding their business content to Instagram this week! They’ve purchased the “how to”, now they’re ready for the professional assist – booked coaching and admin hours with you and your team.

So they’ve paid you for the service, and you get to learn firsthand as you go, thanks to the Coach Glue Instagram how-to content guiding you along.

That’s the Pay it Forward in action. Coach Glue passed it to you. Now you’re paying it forward to your clients. Creating profits for them, and yourself! And THAT is why this is an utterly brilliant, coaching-business-on-speed, share-the-wealth-and-knowledge coach marketing model that benefits everyone who gets to read and make use of the content.

Instagram Marketing is just one of many examples of what you’ll find in their product catalogue. Coach Glue offers a variety of content products listed at price points to meet a variety of budgets. So whether a business owner is just getting started and working on a shoestring budget, to top-tier coaches who farm out the whole system to their trusted team… you’re covering everyone’s need for done-for-you content that makes them look good, teaches needed marketing skills AND has profit potential built right in.

What’s more, to compound your income further, you can turn around and become an affiliate of Coach Glue. Refer them to other coaches or consultants and get paid each time someone purchases one of their products.

Want to experience Coach Glue for yourself?

Download their free new client kit, a very valuable content package that any coach can brand as their own and start using with customers immediately.

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