Relationships PLR

Relationships bring meaning, purpose and emotional fulfillment to our lives. But they also create challenges for everyone. Do you publish to an audience seeking relationship advice? Need prewritten content to help you reach readers? Welcome to Content Shortcuts for Coaches. We’re here to help.

If you know about PLR or private label rights content already, that’s a great start for your business. Now you need content sources that promise the best quality information and writing. And of course, you want the biggest value for your bank account. That’s exactly what you’ll find at Content Shortcuts for Coaches.

How to Use Relationship PLR to Grow Your Influence:

  • Get on a routine publishing schedule with your blog and social media
  • Publish useful information and advice that establishes you as an authority while helping people
  • Spend less time writing and more time planning and producing digital products that people will pay for to solve their relationship problems
  • Offer affordable access to advice for those who prefer not to sign on with a coach right now
  • Even if you already have a full client roster, reach the rest who might prefer self-help e-guides and courses

What Content-Based Solutions Can You Add to Your Relationship Coaching Product Line?

  • Ebooks and e-guides for instant download
  • Email courses delivered by autoresponder
  • Email challenges that engage the reader in actionable steps
  • Journaling courses and challenges
  • Group coaching classes held in a private Facebook group
  • Educational videos and tutorials

How to Create Profits With Done-for-You Content?

There’s a simple formula to creating profits with PLR. Use it over and over again.

  1. Publish articles on your blog or website, and social media to start attracting positive attention.
  2. Get topic-specific. Go deep into a single area of interest, by publishing a fleet of articles on one topic.
  3. Use PLR content to create an opt-in gift. Just enough info to attract new subscribers who can use good advice.
  4. Follow up by offering a bigger, paid digital product, like a course, ebook or coaching package.

How Can You Make Sure the Prewritten Articles You Purchase Reflect a Caliber of Excellence?

  • Read and engage with the content.
  • Edit spots that can use your special touches.
  • Develop ideas further where needed.
  • Change all headlines and subheads to something fresh and new.
  • Spin it on a niche. Every article pack that covers a single topic can be tuned to a new audience with a few tweaks.
  • Proofread and edit to ensure the content reads perfectly.

Relationships is a Lucrative Niche for You to Publish Content and Deliver Advice that Helps People

Humans will never stop relating with one another. We also will always have those challenges that crop up. With PLR content on your side, you’ll be able to address these and serve as an authority in the relationships niche. Some good topics to address that will never go out of fashion…

  • Boundaries in relationships
  • Navigating family relationships
  • Coping skills for dealing with difficult people
  • Toxic relationships
  • How to leave a bad relationship
  • Finding connection in a busy, distracted world
  • Marriage advice and tips
  • Dealing with in-law relationships
  • Trust in relationships
  • Truth in relationships
  • How to find authentic friendships
  • Kindness
  • Relating in the workplace
  • And much more

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