How to Test Your List to See if They’ll Vibe with a Topic

If you work as a business, life or health coach or you publish to a specific niche online then you may wonder which subjects are going to be a hit with your audience that they might need support around.

Here’s an example. The life coaching topic of Wordfeeder’s latest set of April private label rights articles is on Friends and Family Who Hold You Back.

That is certainly a common problem. Would this content be useful to your readers? To test interest, give a little warm-up to the topic.

It’s as simple as sharing a few articles or even a handful of tips.

Another way to determine interest is to ask. You have a few options for doing this.

  • Write a bit about the topic on email and see if people have questions or challenges around this topic.
  • Start a conversation about the topic in your group. 

You could pose questions like: 

“Did you ever have an experience where it seemed like family and friends held you back from pursuing your goals or following a hobby or interest? What did you do?”

You could also publish a few of the articles in your blog and see what kind of traffic that attracts. 

At the bottom of the article you post should be a sign-up form. You can also have a pop-up form that shows up when people visit your site.

Try to slow down the form if you can. If the form comes up before people even have a chance to read three words they are likely going to be annoyed. That could cause you lost signups.

If you have a group of regulars who love to take your courses or classes, you can offer them a discount and introduce them to the next coaching topic that you’ll be working on.

For example you could say, 

We’re going to be running a little group workshop on Facebook this week. I will pose a few journaling questions and open up a discussion about the times when family and friends seemed to be holding you back from pursuing your goals and dreams and what you did about it… or what you can do about it if it’s a challenge for you now.”

Ideas to increase engagement:

  • Run the session for 3 days in a row this week at specific times, or invite popins to your private group where the content is posted for people to stop by read and comment. 
  • There can be an assignment, like a series of questions to discuss or a journaling prompt, that you have ready and waiting to go. 

You can set up the included articles, several of them or all of them, as a download for people to read and work through questions that you pose to them.

Just one of many examples of how to get your audience warmed up for a common topic and how to gauge interest.

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