Can Coaches Profit from Printables too?

You may be wondering what printables, digital products and low content have to do with your coaching business. Maybe you don’t even know what low content is. So let’s talk about it for a minute.

Low content is the term for digital files that can easily become printable products. This has become a hot niche. You’ll find all kinds of printable creations like planners, trackers, journal pages and more available for every purpose, season, goal and occasion.

So how can a coach like a life coach or business coach, make good bank on this market? First you can wake up to the potential like I did. I’m a writer. So I don’t think a lot about low content but it pays if I start understanding the industry and I see how this works.

If you are a coach who works online, low content can elevate your business. You can pick and choose from the best designs out there and add them to your collection. Printables can become add-ons to your coaching packages, opt in gifts that you use to get more people on your list, and tools to work one-on-one with clients on their goals.

An example, let’s say you’re working with a client on health goals. Where are you going to get a beautifully designed tracker for not a lot of money? I know a few professional low content creators who can supply that.

You can also make printables your side business that you manage in addition to coaching clients. This is for people who enjoy creating on the computer and can get into a study production groove. You should be creative but also inclined toward being systematic in your work. Sue of Createful Journals has trainings for that, see more below…

So let me give you a golden opportunity! My friend Sue of Createful Journals is having a birthday sale.

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It’s a great time to stock up on printables like journal pages, planner pages, trackers and more. 

You can set these up as-is for sale on Etsy or Kindle, or you can use the templates and morph them into your own creations.

Additionally, Sue launches terrific training courses to help people create products and make money in the printables industry. You’ll find those on the site for 60% off also.

Finally, Sue offers value priced monthly memberships for those who are serious about launching to a timetable. Those are 60% off also! 

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