Anti-inflammatory Diet Ebook Content PLR

The anti-inflammatory diet is a highly searched topic online and for good reason.

Your health and wellness audience wants to learn about preventive measures they can take to avoid chronic disease as they age.

Inflammation is something people want to learn more about and adjust their lifestyle to avoid it.

Piggy Makes Bank has just released a complete package of anti-inflammatory diet content that is ready for your product funnel.

Overview of what you get:

30 Articles, 30 Emails, eBook Compilation, 30 Social Media Posts, our handy “How to Run an Email Challenge” Guide, eBook/Workbook.

Here’s a list of included articles:

  • What is the Anti-Inflammatory Diet, and How Does it Work?
  • Who is the Anti-Inflammatory Diet Right For?
  • The Impact of Chronic Inflammation on Your Body
  • Five Benefits to the Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Lifestyle
  • The five Anti-Inflammatory Diet Principles to Know
  • Four Anti-Inflammatory Diets to Try
  • Important Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle Facts to Know About
  • Common Habits to Avoid that Cause Inflammation
  • Seven Foods That Cause Inflammation
  • Five Steps to Adopting the Anti-Inflammatory Diet
  • Four Ways to Make the Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle Work for You
  • Dos and Don’ts to the Anti-Inflammatory Diet
  • Three Anti-Inflammatory Myths to Avoid
  • Foods to Eat on The Anti-Inflammatory Diet
  • Pros and Cons to The Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle
  • The Importance of Hydration on the Anti-Inflammatory Diet
  • Six Anti-Inflammatory Exercises to Know About
  • Six Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle Hacks
  • Five Tips to Master the Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Lifestyle
  • The Anti-Inflammatory Checklist You Need
  • Six Anti-Inflammatory Habits to Adopt
  • Four Common Anti-Inflammatory Diet Mistakes to Avoid
  • Seven Tips to Sticking to an Anti-Inflammatory Diet While Eating Out
  • Anti-Inflammatory Foods and Tips for Weight Loss
  • The Anti-Inflammatory Morning Habits to Adopt for Optimal Health
  • Four Easy Anti-Inflammatory Breakfast Ideas to Start Your Day Right
  • Eight Best and Worst Anti-Inflammatory Snacks
  • Three Easy Anti-Inflammatory Dinner Ideas

Extra bonuses are included with this package so don’t miss this one!

Visit the Piggy Makes Bank website to learn more about their anti-inflammatory PLR package

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