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  • Are you in search of some beautifully written gratitude content with private label rights?
  • Would your life coaching or empowerment coaching clients warm to a gratitude challenge this fall?

Gratitude season is almost upon us. Of course it’s important to practice gratitude all the year through. But we can’t overlook the fall harvest as being a traditional reason to give thanks for all we have been blessed with in this beautiful life and world.

Many positive psychology studies have been conducted to reveal that a daily gratitude practice has an overall positive effect on mental and physical health and well-being.

If you publish to the self-help, self development or life and empowerment coaching audiences, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to talk about gratitude with your audience this fall. A daily gratitude practice can be likened to a form of prayer that can be wrapped around any religious denomination or simply to enhance spiritual connection in a person’s life.

Teach your clients and followers the benefits of a daily gratitude practice:

  • Increased sense of calm and peace
  • Greater ability to become connected and mindful in your daily moments
  • A more optimistic and positive outlook
  • Increased emotional well-being
  • More closeness and connection in relationships
  • Greater ease in solving problems
  • An overall sense of inner peace
  • Better quality of sleep
  • More energy and better physical health

Wordfeeder has all the gratitude content you need to establish yourself as an authority on this topic. You’ll find many expert quotes both in your online positive psychology research, and included in the content we create for you to use in your own publishing endeavors.

Take a few minutes to explore the different gratitude themes they have included in article packs of approximately 15 articles or 7,000 plus words. Also make a plan to run a paid gratitude journaling challenge to offer your followers in November or December of this year.

If you like, you can choose to share the gratitude challenge as a gift with your paying clients who have contracted coaching hours with you. This is a perfect way to express your gratitude to them.

Wordfeeder gratitude challenges are much more than journaling pages in a book. Each day of their 30-day or 15-day challenges includes a rumination to promote deep thinking, a series of journaling questions to explore in writing, and a series of intentions to set.

You can decide to run a full 30-day challenge. Or you can break it up into 2 weeks’ worth of gratitude journaling.

Another option is to set up five days of gratitude journaling publicly on your blog. Then invite interested parties to sign up for the full paid version privately. You can offer this on an email auto responder.

For people who aren’t able to follow along day by day, include the journaling challenge in an ebook format. Wordfeeder has showcased some gratitude content that comes with private label rights for you to use in your business, edit and brand as your own. 

They are currently doing a 40% off event. Use coupon code HAPPYSEPT to grab as much gratitude content as you would like to turn this into something meaningful and useful for the betterment of your followers, fans and clients.

Go here to see all Wordfeeder gratitude content in one place, and take advantage of the offer now. 


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