Done-for-You Journal Prompts & Articles on Empowering Self-Talk | Positive Psychology PLR

If you’re searching for high quality done-for-you content to use in your digital product creation, a great 10-day journaling package is coming from Wordfeeder.

Theme: 10 Days of Self-Talk Journaling to Increase Positive Thinking.

Content speaks to the following audiences:

  • Self-Help
  • Positive Psychology
  • Life and Empowerment Coaching
  • Self-Growth

Themes: Confidence, Assertiveness, Positive Thinking, Personal Transformation, Communication, Empowerment


Content elements included in this done-for-you package:

  • Written content in MS Word document 4,500 or 5,000 words.
  • Abbreviated version of the content placed in a printable Canva design, with space for your clients to journal their self-talk for 10 days.
  • Copy for your marketing sales page so you don’t have to write it yourself

Journal Format: 

Each journaling day will include something to think about, and a set of questions to use as a journal prompt for the day.

Topics will be (not in this particular order)

  • Self-talk awareness
  • Sources of self-talk
  • Positive and negative self-talk
  • Self-talk around finances
  • Self-talk around body image
  • Self-talk around health matters
  • Self-talk for your intimate relationships
  • Self-talk in your daily challenges
  • Other additions

This content will arrive third week of June as per the usual timeline for Wordfeeder monthly memberships.

Learn more about the Life Coach PLR Monthly Membership from Wordfeeder


Visit this link to order now. The current article launch covers “Time-Auditing Your Life” (June 2022) – plus you get back released content from 2022 all the way to 2021.

Order a la carte here: Time-Audit Your Life PLR articles + Bonus images