Health and Wellness PLR Membership from Piggy Makes Bank. BIG Deliverable, SMALL Price

As a PLR creator myself, I marvel at how quickly and expertly other PLR creators put together big, value-packed content packages. Piggy Makes Bank never ceases to impress me with their choices in content topics to write to, and also the many useful content elements that are included with their memberships.

They’ve recently announced their Health and Wellness PLR Membership.

What a Value and Convenience for Health Publishers Who Need a Content Creation Shortcut.

The topic for this month is Autoimmune Disease. I know that your health readers want more info on this one! The topic readily lends itself to digital product creation. People WILL pay for good info on this subject.

So let’s talk more about the membership. This topic is just one of many more high-value content themes they’ll run each month at Piggy Makes Bank.

For each month’s fresh content release, they’ll come up with and create content around a new, health-related topic. The idea, as always, is that the info you share in your own niche website will help people solve problems, learn and live better. Content such as that provided by Piggy Makes Bank is designed to be that publishing shortcut, money- and time-saver you need.

Here’s what you’ll receive EACH month when you sign up for the Piggy Makes Bank Health & Wellness PLR Membership:

  • 10 NEW, high quality articles
  • Compiled report with the 10 articles inputted
  • 30 social images
  • Ready-to-go ebook content of 6K words
  • Guide on how to grow your list and create profits by sharing content like this
  • BONUS pack of 10 extra articles (WHAT?) on a related topic

Create success and profits for your business. Help people while doing what you love. Start making money with your health niche website FOR REAL.

Try out the Piggy Makes Bank Health and Wellness PLR Membership now.