How to Create Profits by Publishing Done-for-You Health Coaching Content Online

Want to know how to publish and create profits using done-for-you health coaching content, or weight loss PLR?

Here’s a straightforward series of steps to follow. Put a content plan in place, and get to publishing and profiting!

  • Get a series of topic-specific weight loss articles – like Slim This Summer from Wordfeeder (available with the super discounted weight loss PLR bundle)
  • Copy and paste some or all of them into an ebook format in Canva. Add images. Add your company name. Make a PDF. Download it. Upload to your server. Set them up for automatic download after people sign up for your list.
  • Copy text from ONE of the articles. Make an individual blog post.
  • Add Adsense code, Amazon links to related products. Add a link to your signup landing page OR a pop-up subscriber form.
  • Share the title and intro to that article, with a “read more here” link that goes back to your blog, on your social media pages and groups.
  • Gather MORE excellent weight loss articles. Combine two or more sets. For example, “Lose Weight, Look and Feel Great”, “Slim This Summer” and “Swimsuit Season Weight Loss” could all combine into a comprehensive ebook that becomes your paid course that you launch. Add cover art, images, and your coaching service or membership upsells.
  • Grab text from FIVE of the articles that all relate. One by one, copy and paste them into an email autoresponder series. Add an upsell promo to your paid digital product, or your coaching services. Set up the autoresponder as a free series that goes out after new subscribers sign up.
  • Copy and paste the full text from the FIRST article into an email that you will send you the people on your list. Add a promotional offer to one of your paid products or your coaching. Give a sense of urgency by making it time-sensitive, with start and end dates.
  • You could also share one article per day in your private facebook group… and invite a discussion. Don’t forget to plug your coaching, digital products and email series!
  • Once you get people on your list, make a health coach follow-up series to engage them and offer your upsells.

There are SO many ways to monetize health coaching content while helping people achieve their healthy weight loss goals and doing what you love.

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