Power Imbalance in Intimate Relationships Done-for-You Ebook

What is Imbalance of Power in Relationships? How Can You Help Coachung Clients Work Through It?


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The March Canva ebook launched with private label rights at Wordfeeder covers the topic of Imbalance of Power in an Intimate Relationship.

A coach or therapist at some point might need to help a client deal with this.

You may also find the topic useful if you are conducting some group coaching therapy either in person or on Facebook, and need a common relationship theme to work from.

The problem of Imbalance of Power would likely manifest if the client is engaging intimately in any of the following scenarios:

A marriage or partnered coupling where one partner makes more money than the other and/or owns and controls access to the home.

In this case, you may be dealing with clients who face trauma where their partner has become controlling and or abusive,  and they are trapped in the marriage due to the financial imbalance.

The clandestine relationship where a client is intimately involved with their boss or supervisor at work.

This reflects an imbalance of power because the communication and work dynamic between boss and subordinate may be impacted by their close personal encounters.

Not only is this stressful for the personal relationship itself but it may negatively affect the business.

A third scenario may be age gap relationships where one partner has much more life experience than the other. 

This can create complications that increase tension and result in frequent misunderstandings.

Your clients may need help in dealing with the following:

  • Identifying the imbalance of power in the relationship
  • Being realistic about where the relationship is going, if anywhere
  • Managing communication and adjusting any toxic potential
  • Identifying and treating trauma
  • Determining if one or both parties are being respectful; and if not, how to change the dynamic
  • Determining if third parties are being affected by the existence of the relationship, and how
  • Determining if the relationship is harmful and should end, or if there is potential for positive change

If you work with clients on relationship challenges, then you will find this content to be useful.

There is nothing included in this ebook that discusses the graphic or personal aspects of intimacy.

The advice presented is about managing a relationship that is struggling due to power imbalance, and how to fix it or if it should end.

Expertly written, thoroughly researched and presented creatively with images in an editable Canva eBook.

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