Soulmate Attraction Ebook with Private Label Rights in Canva

Every month, the word “soulmate” reaches 90,500 web searches. That’s an awful lot of people wanting to know more about soulmates, find their soulmate, or identify a soulmate in their life.

If you’ve been thinking about selling an ebook about soulmates, we have GREAT news. First, this topic is a perennial favorite and it’s in high demand. Second, you won’t have to write a word of the ebook, because it’s already been written for you.

Introducing the Soulmate Connections Ebook from Wordfeeder. Create in Canva, Done for You.

Now with Private Label Rights to Resell as Your Own New Age Digital Product.

The Soulmate Connections ebook comes in Canva… but if you don’t use this app, you can also download an MS Word version along with .JPG images to use in your marketing.

Written advice on soulmates (articles) and images have already been inputted into the template for a professional and complete presentation.

How to Sell an Ebook About Soulmates in 6 Simple Steps:

To launch this ebook as yours and sell as a digital product, here’s what to do:

  1. Access the paid template in Canva
  2. Edit the content any way you like
  3. Add your compnay name to the front, back and any other spot you may desire
  4. Download to your device
  5. Upload to your server
  6. Market your ebook and launch to your list!

Visit this page to see exactly what you get with the Soulmate Connections Ebook in Canva. Read samples, see the included images, and order now! Makes a great winter topic to publish on your website and offer a paid ebook to your list.

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