Boundaries in Business: Must-Have Client Workbook Content from Coach Glue

Clients struggling to maintain boundaries in their business? This useful workbook package will definitely come in handy for your work with clients.

Well, how so? Say you’re on a call with your business or life coaching client. They’re talking about how they never say no to possible collabs in their business.

But then probably 80% of these fall through, don’t yield or don’t result in repeat business together.

Why? Saying yes to too many things. Agreeing to work when the client doesn’t have enough hours in a day to handle all the tasks. Just being a yes-person (or the opposite – always saying no for fear of failure due to the overwhelm of having said yes one too many times.

Here comes Coach Glue with their Client Boundaries teaching package. This is ready to use. Next time a client comes to you with their own personal story around this very common challenge, you’ll be able to pull this out and use it to guide them. Here’s more:

Last Day! Coach Glue Boundaries Workbook to Use with Clients 

Boundaries! When to Say Yes & How to Say No to Create a Healthier Relationship with Your Business”

Includes video script, workbook and sales page

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After going through this workbook and training, your clients will…

✓ Pinpoint the “weakest boundaries” in their businesses, so they know exactly what needs to change
✓ Stop “people pleasing” behaviors that are actually hurting them and their clients
✓ Uncover their true core values, so they can say no (or yes!) and (finally) prioritize the projects, clients and activities that matter most
✓ Know exactly which opportunities to say yes to, and which to turn down so they can move their business forward faster
✓ Ditch the dreaded “boundary setting guilt”–for good
✓ Feel confident about the boundaries they set, so nothing (and no one) can shake them (or walk all over them), ever again

This alone is worth hundreds of dollars because you won’t have to struggle to write a sales page or hire an expensive copywriter. Coach Glue wants you to sell your products, so they’ve included FB posts you can hand to your VA or social media manager to upload to spread the word.

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