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The Natural Wellness Newsletter subscription from Wordfeeder gives you 6 ready to go Canva newsletters, a new one each month for 6 months.

​​​​​​Access the file via the link and login with Canva. Edit it anyway you like. Download as a pdf. Upload the PDF to your server. Share the link to the PDF with your list.

Issue 2 (Sleep Wellness) in Canva, is ready for you to download.

There is space at the back for you to add a company bio and your promos, including any events you are running or coaching programs you offer.

You should also make the Amazon products into your own affiliate links. This is very important if you want to generate some commissions.

You will have access to the template along with the MS Word file and the included .jpg images if you sign up for 30 days of access from Wordfeeder PLR.

To speed up production of this newsletter in Canva, use this handy tutorial and tips.

If you are not a Canva member, sign up here. It’s free to join!

  • To customize your newsletter, make a copy of this template and name it your own unique name.
  • Edit any of the written content or switch out the images, Amazon products or anything else you’d like to change.
  • Add your company info and upsells to your coaching packages or digital products you may be selling, to the back page.
  • You can delete any section or page you like. You can also add pages.
  • The current links must be changed to YOUR Amazon links so you can be paid a commission should customers order Amazon products via these links.

When finished editing, download as a PDF file and save to your computer or remote storage.

Upload the PDF to your web server or your email marketing server if you plan to deliver the newsletter automatically via email.

The newsletters are priced at $84  each if you prefer to order them individually. They take us quite a bit of time and effort to make. This is professional quality content.

But why pay that when you can get a monthly subscription for $11.97 each month for 6 months?

The full list of wellness topics, screenshots of the template, and what you get with each newsletter are listed here.

Issue 2 (Sleep Wellness) Done for You Natural Wellness Newsletter in Canva


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