Make Money in Your Online Business Despite a Shaky Economy

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Titles Include:

  1. Intro
  2. If Your Online Business Income Drops, Should You Take a Side Job?
  3. The Concept of Working More for Fewer Dollars. What to Do?
  4. Ways to Thrive in Online Business During an Economic Downturn
  5. Leaning on Your List: It’s Time to Open the Flow of Your Money
  6. How to Turn Your Hourly Services into a Paid Teaching or Coaching Product (and Why It’s So Critical in Lean Times)
  7. It All Begins with a Brainstorm: Think Like Your Customers
  8. Step by Step E-Guide Creation: The Short Version
  9. Basic Elements of Your Paid Teaching or Coaching Guide
  10. How to Make a Lead Magnet by Condensing Your Paid Product into a Brief Handout
  11. Recap: Repackaging Your Services as a Product
  12. Setting Up Your Lead Magnet: Step by Step List Building
  13. Turning Your Company Guide into a PDF File for Download
  14. Courting Your Email Subscribers in Preparation of a Long-Term Relationship
  15. Ready to Launch Your Themed Digital Product that Helps People Solve Problems? Let’s Go.
  16. What Other Programs or Products Can You Create to Fill the Levels Your Product Suite?
  17. How Can a Business Owner Become a Giver to Stand Out in Difficult Financial Times?
  18. How to Pick a Charity to Donate to as a Business
  19. Make it a Giving Year for Your Business, Despite the Economy

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  • Set up as an autoresponder series.
  • Used as the talking points for your next video presentation.
  • Anything else you can think of!

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