“Expert in You” Business Coaching Workbook from Thrive Anywhere

Hi Business Coach! Are you in search of really exceptional quality workbook material to guide your clients to the best possible outcomes in their professional and personal development? Anyone who’s signed on to work with a business coach is likely eager to tap their superpower – find the niche that they can be considered an expert so they can form a business around this professional aptitude and gift.

The best way for your clients (or anyone) to create a profitable business is by sharing what they know, are an expert in, and can teach others. This is an essential preliminary and precursor to success.

But how can you overcome the problem of your clients feeling uncertain about their professional superpower so they can use it to form the shape of a thriving business?

This Done-for-You Workbook is titled Find the Expert in You and it’s from Brilliant Designer Lynette Chandler of Thrive Anywhere.

If you’re looking to refine your arsenal of business coaching tools, this essential workbook is one to grab!

They can use the workbook package to discover their talents, skills and strengths and how those can be marketable. 

Help clients lock in on exactly what they should be pursuing because it’s what they love, what they are good at, where their gifts lie and what they were born to do!

You got a special discount if you grab this workbook package before March 22nd. It’s just $23, no coupon needed to get the early bird pricing! 

Great coaching tool to add to your arsenal and pull out next time someone comes with you wanting to create a business or figure out their next professional move.

Learn more about Find the Expert in You Workbook with private label rights to put your name on and sell or share.