NEW! Coach Glue Workbook Helps Your Clients Get Past Imperfections and Go BIG

Hello, my business and life coaches! Are you on the hunt for something really inspiring that will break your clients out of their perceived rut of self-doubt ad limitation?

How about something fresh and different, that hasn’t been done to death?

Coach Glue has just released a very affordable workbook package for you to brand and sell, or share as your own. The topic is…
The topic of the content package: “8 Inspiring People Who Will Convince You to Stop Hiding & Go Big!” 

Basically, this is about real people – world influencers. It’s a list of famous folks who didn’t let their quirks or differences stop them from going after their dreams. Instead, they put it all out there for the world to potentially critique or condemn — and as a result of the bold leap forward — experienced true success.

So let me tell you exactly what this coaching package is. It’s a video script and workbook.

Coach Glue has shifted some of their focus toward video scripts to accommodate coaches, teachers, guides and experts who’re working on building a presence on YouTube , TikTok, Vimeo, Facebook Reels, etc.

Video is definitely where things are headed. And with this beautiful, ready-to-teach content package all set for you to launch as your own at just $47, this one is a winner!

Download your copy of the “8 Inspiring People Who Will Convince You to Stop Hiding & Go Big!” coach’s workbook content package from Coach Glue now. Learn more and order here.