Working with Your Business Clients on Burnout, and a Done-for-You Course

Do you worry that some of your business coaching clients are getting burnt-out? They may be feeling discouraged, not taking good care of themselves… with lack of focus and low motivation.

You want your coach-client relationship to be a win. But when clients are burnt out, it’s kind of time to back off. And that’s a problem, because really, you’re needed right now. A client that’s close to burnout can use a guide to swoop in and carry them for a while. That’s you, business coach. But you don’t want your clients to depend on you… you want them to soar, so you can fly side by side.

Burnt-out business owners need support, and a guiding light.

Are your weary, burnt-out clients worried about money? That’s understandable. Because when you’re burnt out, it means that what you’re doing is not working. Many business owners on the verge of burnout are in a scarcity mindset, or maybe they have worked themselves into a financial predicament.

Your coaching clients who are feeling burnt out really need support at this time. Combine that with their current scarcity mindset around finances. Those are two major reasons why if you’re going to set something to help them out, it should really be a group program, NOT individual coaching hours… not at this time.

A Group Coaching Course on Burnout Might Actually Improve Your Relationship with Clients for the Long Haul.

Of course, this may not be the case for every client. Some may be able to continue paying you hourly. But group coaching will surely be an appealing option that might even improve your client-coach relationship. Why? Because you’re giving them what they need, at a time when they need it. You’re likely to be remembered and respected for this.

Also, the price tag on group coaching could really be the light at the end of the tunnel, especially after you’ve been billing them hourly for some time.

What should you charge for a group coaching session on burnout?

Some coaches request donations rather than charge a flat fee for group coaching sessions that they host. You can set a price if you prefer. Or you can set a pay-what-you want price virtually, with 3 options. PayPal gives button creation options to set this up and send out the course details and pricing via email.

If you’re really not sure what to charge, you can ask client privately, on email, what they’d be comfortable playing for, say, a 5-day workshop or whatever you plan to launch. They are more likely to tell you the truth about money comfort levels if it’s via email.

Should you do an in-person group coaching session on burnout?

If you’ve never done a group coaching workshop in person, it can really be a fun thing that brings people together. Some who attend may already be your clients. Others may arrive on recommendation from friends.

A simple set of guidelines on how to arrange this…

Reserve and prepare space for hosting the class. It could be a rented conference room at a hotel, a creative studio space shared by artists or makers, office space borrowed, rented or bartered from a colleague, or even your home if you’re comfortable with that.

Pre-plan the teaching materials that you’ll use for the course. You want parameters set – with structure and some room for creative brainstorming. The structure is very important, because without it, clients can lose focus. If a course attendee would like to delve deeper beyond the prepared assignments, they can set up more paid coaching hours with you. That’s how this works, and can work for you, and them.

Tips for Organizing the Space:

  • Stock up on needed supplies. You might need paper, art supplies, pens and pencils, or computer workstations.
  • Arrange the space in an appealing way. Make sure there’s plenty of room for everyone.
  • Make it artful and inspiring. Think framed, inspirational quotes, vases filled with flowers, a bright and cheerful tablecloth.
  • Provide learning materials. Each person should have their own assignments to work on.
  • Offer variety. Some attendees will warm to creative expression. Others will love to journal, set goals, and organize their thoughts. Provide some of each.
  • If you’ve authored a book, display copies for sale. Or have other books from favorite authors, on display for purchase.

A virtual course on burnout could be the better option for you.

Set up your coaching course on burnout to arrive via a series of emails that go out by autoresponder. Or, organize the course material on a course platform like Teachable. You have many options. Maybe you prefer to host your course in a private, Facebook group.

The coaching materials are the essential part. Of course, you can stand up in front of a group and talk about burnout off the cuff. But your course attendees will feel more attended to if you make this personal, and offer the materials for them to work on their business challenges.

You have options for pre-written course materials that come with private label rights. Here’s what Coach Glue has come up with for coaches to teach as their own.


From Burnout to Bliss Done-for-You Coaching Course Awaits Your Branding

This done-for-you course is a no-brainer if you’re looking for a great product to resell.

It’s perfect for those times when past clients and future clients are digging their heels in not wanting to part with cash for hourly coaching.

They know they need something… but it’s got to be something affordable AND actionable.

Ask Your Clients and Followers if These Signs of Business Burnout Speak to Their Challenges:

  • Boredom and apathy around running their business.
  • Cash flow conundrums slowly killing them – disillusionment setting in fast.
  • Stuck in analysis paralysis over their own business offerings. Something must change but they don’t know what.
  • Building anxiety and dread around running their company. What once brought them joy now leaves them gripped in fear
  • Self-care sadly lacking. They have That Look that burnt biz owners get. Maybe you know it. But it’s when head shots even on your best day are just not happening.

From Burnout to Bliss could be the course to pull them out of their business burnout funk.  It’s a small investment that you can recoup quickly simply by implementing the materials provided.

What’s Included in this Private Label Rights Coaching Course Package?

“Burnout to Bliss” – 4 Course Lessons – Ready-to-Teach Live

Launch it from Email, Your Private Facebook Group, as a Webinar or Pre-Recorded Videos made from the included material.

  • Lesson 1: Define Your Dreamiest Ideal Clients (And Ditch the Nightmare Clients For Good)
  • Lesson 2: Build Precious Balance into Your Biz with Sexy, Streamlined Offers
  • Lesson 3: Automate & Systematize Your Coaching Process for (Way More) Ease & Flow
  • Lesson 4: Implement Firm-but-Flexible Boundaries & Experience Incredible Work/Life Balance

The course also includes implementable homework!

That’s what separates material like this from your garden-variety ebook.

Make the actionable steps into FB posts, downloadable PDF exercises, or post directly to your coaching course’s download page for the end user to grab and run with.

  • Journal Prompts to Help Your Clients Do the Inner Work. Hand these Canva-designed journal pages to your clients in person or pass them over via email. You can also post the material one day at a time on your Facebook page. If you’re running from a course platform like Teachable, just upload the journal prompts as part of the course homework.

Helpful Marketing Materials Mean You Can Launch with Speed and Ease 🙂

  • 21 Affirmations to Help Your Clients Integrate Your Teachings
  • 15 Social Media Post Images (canva templates)
  • 5 Blog Posts to Warm Your Up Audience5 Email Templates to Make Promoting Your Course a Breeze

Learn more and order the “Burnout to Bliss” Course now