Book Writing Planner From Coach Glue

These days, you don’t have to be Oprah Winfrey, Phil Donahue or Suzanne Somers to write a book.

Did I date myself there? No matter. The point is that in the internet age, anyone can become a best-selling author and that includes your coaching clients.

But tell me you have not been in this scenario. You’re working for a client. She’s on a strict content-producing schedule for her business. You are the backbone of this endeavor.

But then suddenly, your client deviates from the plan. She wants to write a book. But there’s no time to write a book.

She’s beginning to resent the fact that she’s writing blog posts when she could be creating a published works– her very own book.

When clients go off the rails like this, the book project idea can seem overwhelming… but you can easily reign her back in. How so?

Break Out this Book Writing Planner from Coach Glue.

Ideas for use:

  • Help Clients Plan their Books.
  • Use it to Write Your Own Book.
  • Sell It as a Mini-Course.
  • Add as a Member Area Bonus.
  • Create a VIP Day With It!

What’s included?

The short version of this is that you get a step-by-step plan to get your clients excited and focused on creating their own book and writing it from scratch.

There is an option in one of the steps to consult with a ghostwriter if they like.

Mostly though, they will be doing things like selecting a topic, brainstorming chapters, setting a writing schedule, learning how to repurpose existing content to fit into a book (yes this is perfectly legal and everyone does it who publishes on the web), and more.

A book writing planner will help you get back on track with helping your clients create what they really want.

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